• Preparation of bylaws for the constitution of a commercial company.
  • Preparation of the powers granted in Mexican territory or abroad by the shareholders or partners for the incorporation of the company, as well as carrying out all the procedures inherent to the apostille or legalization and certification of those granted abroad.
  • Advice on the type of company to be constituted and the dividend regime.
  • Coordinate with the notary or public broker the constitution of the commercial company.
  • Preparation of the opening entries in the following corporate books: Share Register Book, Capital Variation Book, Assembly Minutes Book and Board of Directors Session Book. (* The name of the books may vary if the company incorporated is a Limited Liability Company).
  • In the event of a Public Limited Company, preparation of the share certificates corresponding to the shares representing the entire capital stock, both fixed and variable.
  • Guard the corporate books and manage the corporate secretariat of the mercantile society.